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Sahcida Ellis    POUGHKEEPSIE, NY

Secret Romance is an independent business created by two women with a passion for fragrance. Our products represent the beauty found not only in nature, but also in ourselves. We aim to captivate your senses with our unique fragrances and bath essentials. Our mission at Secret Romance is to inspire self-love. Therefore, we use only the highest quality ingredients that promotes self-indulgence when using our products.

Secret Romance offers an array of hand created aromatic bath essentials and candles. Our bath soaps, salts, bombs and candles are 100% handmade. At Secret Romance, our candles are made with 100% soy wax. Our signature candles are unique as they are made with a signature pink base.

Our products are handmade in the USA and does not contain any:


Animal products

Petroleum products


Lauryl Sulfate

We guarantee the best ingredients for your self-indulgence.

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Email    Phone: 6467190124


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