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Wood Wick Beeswax Candle
by Jennifer Rigney

Experience a non-toxic, handpoured, pure beeswax candle. With its bright beautiful flame from a wood wick, that really crackles, it creates a refreshing, soothing and relaxing atmosphere.

My goal when I set out on this journey was to create a enjoyable candle experience that didn't trigger my migraines, was exceptional in quality, safe and I could stand behind 100%. I also wanted to make sure it would burn completely, beeswax is a precious resource and the bees work very hard to make it.

These candles contain no soy, no oils, no paraffin or any other wax. No essential or fragrance oils. No phthalates. No glue! No coloring or crayons. No dollar store vessels or wicks that have not been rated for candle use. Nothing hidden! Just 💯 pure beeswax from a large apiary that is focused themselves on sustainable beekeeping and farming whose hives are rented out to pollinate crops and groves.

The jute candle wrap is available in my Etsy shop as well.

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