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Serena Wehr    Saugerties , NY

About me…As an artist I strive to live my life as authentically as possible. For me that means devoting my days to exploring and evolving in my art and challenging myself to expand my creative horizons. I am a lifelong resident of Saugerties; immediately after high school I started my own hand painted clothing business. Participating in art and crafts fairs throughout the northeast and selling my unique line of clothing wholesale, my business grew, allowing me to pay for my college education. In 1989 I received my BFA in Graphic Design from SUNY New Paltz. For the next 16 years I continued to make hand painted clothing while also working as a free lance designer for a Manhattan based quilting fabric company.

Changes in my personal life forced me to give up my studio spaces and seek a steadier income, which led to me forming an independent cleaning business. This change put my creative life on hold for many years. Though I was not actively working as an artist, my creative energies never deserted me. In 2017 I took a leap of faith; I closed my cleaning business and returned to my true passion. I currently have a studio in my home, open by appointment, which combines my workspace with a showroom where visitors can view and purchase my artwork.

About my artwork…My technique of fluid acrylics and the making and use acrylic skins form the swirling colors that define the foundation of my artwork. While I use acrylic paint in almost everything I make, I do not consider myself a painter in the traditional sense. I am a precise, detail oriented, mixed media artist.

To make my artistic vision a reality, I love to mix different materials, mediums, and techniques on a variety of “canvases”: anything from an actual canvas to a maple leaf, a piece of found wood or a stone. I create mostly small, colorful, whimsical, one-of-a-kind pieces imbued with positive energy, joy and inspiration. These pieces are tangible reminders of positive thoughts and the belief that anything is possible. I frequently incorporate messages of encouragement and hope into my art. My current work includes an eclectic mix of bookmarks, inspirational mini paintings, moon phase mobiles, ornaments (or as I like to call them “house jewelry”), resin trinket dishes and trays, hand painted stones (aptly named Serena’s Serenity Stones), and more!

"I want to make everything around me more beautiful, that will be my life"

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Email    Phone: 845-532-4401

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Serena’s Serenity Stones
Christmas Ornaments
Geode paintings
Inspirational mini paintings
Trinket dishes
Moon phase mobiles